Our UK trip August-September 2008

A lot of fun and a lot of success for the girls!
Lets start with some pics to show some proof :-)

Oscar and Hugo shows their mobilehome!
Pics taken at Trawden show where Pat was 1point and Tess 2points outside the championship,
 which Jim and Fleet won =)

When visiting Anna Östman at Lonscale, Oktan and Ulli get to know each other.

When we arrived in UK we went and had brunch in Newmarket.

A trialdog's bookshelf :-)  (Tess' prizes)

Ines and myself went to the seashore outside Abergel.

Dogs just loved it!

Ines collected stones, I collected seashells. That reminded me of the trotter Shesellsseashells.

Kevin and Angie Driscoll at Welsh National.

Iorworth, David Evans, Ines Broes and Paul Tomkins.

Pats older half sister (same mother) Floss was runner up in 2008 Welsh National.
Pat is by Moss, a son of Bwlch Hemp. Floss is by Robin Deans Roy.
Their mum Fly is from J R Grant breeding.

David Evans, Kevins dad, run his good bitch Cammen Jess in 2008 Welsh National.

David did some gymnastics 2 view the lift better!

Im curious about what Kev explains!

Ines from Belgium and Kevin Evans of Libanus, Wales.

Some pics I got from Ils in Belgium. Oscar and me at World.

My new friend Fions from Canada. She had a great little dog, Tab.

When we were waiting for the ferry in Hook van Holland we met this horse and man!

Eve trying hard not to get rehydrated.


More pics and story to follow!!