Line och Harry Pepper vann kvalet till VM lydnads finalen!!!

Norsk Mästare i lydnad 2010

vinnare Av kvalet på LydnAds VM



Info på engelska om Harry som avelshund!
A little somthing about Harry's family and genes!

Harry is by Bobby Dalziels Scottish and International Supreme Champion Joe isds 272330.
Joe is Genetested Normal for CRD/CH by Optigen and is hipscored with A-hips in Sweden.
Joe has won numerous open trials in UK, and also IK2 class in Sweden.

Harry is out of Somollis Tess, Tess was 12th in the Swedish National Finals 2008. She has open wins in UK and IK2 wins in Sweden. She is placed in hilltrials in Scotland and double gather trials in Sweden.
Tess is a carrier for CRD/CH, but she is eyetested clear several times herself. Tess is hipscored with A-hips.

Somollis Tess is by Moel Hugo. Moel Hugo is a member from the famous Bwlch Hemp/Dolwen Fan litters. Hugo has open wins in Sweden/UK/Denmark. Hugo was 8th in the Swedish National Finals 2007. He has qualified 5 times for the Swedish Nationals as well as Sweden Cup. He run in the first World Trial, Bala 2002. Hugo is a CEA carrier by gentest of Optigen, he is eytested with a minor retinopathy. At the age of 12½ years old Hugo is still in good health and his hearing and eyesight is brilliant, he can still spot sheep on the braes!

Somollis Tess mother is Border Tikas Ulli, isds R.O.M. Ulli has several open wins in UK and Sweden, she was 16th in the Swedish Nationals 2007. Ulli has numerous wins and places in South Wales style trials in UK. Ulli is genetical normal for CRD/CD by Optigen test and she is eytested clear and hipscored with A-hips.

Border Tika Ullis father is Bwlch Oscar. A good dog, he won the Swedish Nursery Finals before he was 2 years old. And has continued and qualified for the Swedish Nationals 4 times and is placed in many hilltrials, double gather and open trials in UK and Sweden. Bwlch Hjalmar is genetical normal for CRD/CH by Optigen, he is eyetested clear several times and he is hipscored with B-hips.

Harry comes from a litter of 6, 3 dogs and 3 bitches. Harry, Hill and Roy are the boys. Tindra, Kandy and Du are the girls. Harry, Roy and Kandy are hipscored with A-hips. Roy is genetested a carrier for CRD/CH. The whole litter of 6 was eytested clear at 7 weeks of age.

Harry himself is hipscored with A-hips. He has a stable temperament and is good with children, other dogs, new environments etc.
He is a very active and highly cooperative dog!

To learn more about Harry, please contact Line on email