SM 2008

Alex var och fotade! Detta är från lördagens kval med Tess.
Alex took some pics from the Saturday qualifier of me and Tess.
Tess is a nice and very natural little thing!
In the qualifier we had the equal best OLF (95/100) and
drive (50/60). We were timed up in the single, not Tess faults though..
In the final I had a lot of nerves and butterflies before the run.. Tess had never ever done a turn back, not even close.
In the final she did go back but we lost many points because she didnt go back on the first command,
and she needed to be redirected. But in the end she DID get her 2nd lot,
clever and absolutely up to the job - that's Tess :-)
Running Tess means you have time to look for lines and tight turns and she is a reliable penner.

SM was held in Norberg, 650 km from Trelleborg.
It was an ok field with good length of the outruns. Sheep were heavy and there was 1 lamb/lot.
In the final it was 2x8 sheep. And sheep were heavy by then.

Sven Sognevik and Nisses MacRoy won it. Unfortunately I miss the first 10 runs because I was stuck in the mud outside Gails house (and I took a sleepin because I had a migraen). Congrats to Sven and Roy! Heres a pic from World Trial in Llandeilo of Sven!

Jag och Oscar i Karbenning! Foto Peter Gullstrand.

Tess in Karbenning Swedish National Qualifying trial 4/10-08.