Bilder från Deerplay Hill trial 2008

Chloe take sheep of course after her winning run.

Chloe's rewarded!! Boyfriend in background.

Toms dad Peter chatting with Tom Huddleston.

Everyone knows who Tom is :-)

Wow! Have you space for all trophies Chloe? ;o)

Tom worked hard letting out sheep, and look for stray Swedish dogs!"!

Tom and Spot won the qualifying round of Deerplay Hill.

Jim worked hard in the pens both days!

Isnt he a beautiful dog!! Tom Lawrensons Spot
by Derek Scrimgeours Ben out of Toms Tillymauld Nell.

Sophie Holt with her great old dog Sid!!

Alun "Selattyn" Jones in the final, with his tremendous hilldog Rob!

Sophie and her cute Bill!!

Chloe with boyfriend and Ron!

Dogs and dogs!

A tall dog! Chloe Croppers Ron!

One of his best partytricks was showing Deerplays longest tongue :-)

Chloe and a little pup by Toms Spot, bred by Barry Liddle.

Carol Mellin and her fantastic Mazie!

Carol, Pat and Mazie.

Tom looking up at Deerplay Hill in the final.

Spot takes the shed.

Spot takes the single!

Bikes bikes bikes, what would the shepherd be without his bike?!

Chloes Roy on way to pen.

Toms Huddlestone and Udale Spring were 2nd in final.

Alistair Gilchrist and Mac had "the one" ewe that didnt want to pen!