Hold Em Somolli!!! Molli blev godkänd vallhund 21/3-09. Molli passed her working sheepdogtest on 21/3.

First really nice spring day 2009! 9th of March and Tezzlingen and Oscar was useful to me.

Otto Ramsays Lad som liten påg!


Frida och Poppy!!! Var duktiga men missade tyvärr och hade en bananframdrivning! Fin fålla!

Larry Jones dömde vårt VP 21/3. Larry Jones from Australia judged our working sheepdog test on 21/3-09.

Hugos son Leam, lik pappa!

Ann Gustafssons Trolla! Wow! Snabb och fin!!

Maddes Keeper.

Ottos härlige Lad!

Frida och Victor Binette!

Ann Gustafssons Trolla training at Peter Helens.

Not going so well. Tess changes her side and fla I usually tries to have Ozz on the right flank and Tess on the left flank as that are the sides they runs out.

Ozz taking it easy and shows good sheepsense.

Ozz pushing the sheep a bit over to Tezzlingens side.

When I let the sheep out they were so much ON...........Acting like racehorses, wild and furious, bucking!!